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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Exclusive "RESOLVE '17" Results from AIWF EDGE Wrestling!

The first ever "RESOLVE" AIWF EDGE Wrestling event is in the books! "Resolve '17" was exactly as hyped: Explosive and Shocking, and even a little unbelievable at times. The crowd in Nashville, North Carolina certainly was not prepared for all they would see.

The big match of the night didn't disappoint, as Scotty Mathews became the first and only 3-time EDGE Heavyweight Champion with an enormous victory over "The Unpredictable One" Damien Wayne. With EDGE now under the AIWF banner, Mathews becomes the first multi-time EDGE champion under three different banners: EDGE Pro Wrestling, NWA EDGE Pro Wrestling, and AIWF EDGE Pro Wrestling.

Cruise Kyntrol, Kyndel Williams and Sean Cruise defeated the Riot City Society, comprised of Robyn Golphin and ATL. The most shocking and disgusting moment of the night came after the match when Austin Shadowz and Tremor attached Cruise Kyntrol from behind. 

Austin Shadowz does the unthinkable!
From there, Austin stepped into another world, as Bridget Leigh, Sean and Kyndel's manager, got into the ring. It looked as if she was perhaps trying to get into the ring to distract the attack and allow Cruise and Williams to collect themselves to retaliate. Whatever her purpose, it didn't work. Tremor grabbed her first, and then handed her off to Austin. What would happen next is the most disgusting thing I've seen in AIWF EDGE Wrestling since I made my debut as the official Ring Announcer in late March of this year. 

Cruise Kyntrol Manager, Bridge Leigh, gets assistance.
Shadowz pulled the helpless manager into a front face lock, and with a firm grip on her vulnerable neck, Austin dropped Leigh with a DDT head first on a STEEL CHAIR!!!  There is no excuse for Shadowz' actions Saturday night in Nashville. The fans were obviously against Shadowz' actions, as was EDGE CEO Link Alexander, who came to the ring and announced that the Hounds of Hades' suspension would now be indefinite. Williams called for help for his manager as Sean yelled out in emotional agony over his manager's body laying motionless on the canvas.

Eventually, Link Alexander may have to make a decision on Austin Shadowz and his brother Jackson. Tremor may also have to answer to the CEO. But one thing you can count on: Sean Cruise and Kyndel Williams will not take this attack sitting down, and most certainly will not let what happened to their manager go undone. You can take it to the bank that somewhere, some time, some way, Cruise Kyntrol will get their hands on the Hounds. It's just a matter of time.

Franco Varga becoming a force in AIWF EDGE Wrestling.
In other action Saturday night, Lucious Lance and Waylon from the "Main Event Manstaches", defeated Vinnie Damoochie and Christian James. 

AIWF EDGE Wrestling's latest big-time acquisition Jesse Jordan, beat J-O-B

The "Born 2 Standout" sensation Franco Varga, gained a huge victory over "Mr. Everything" Victor Andrews. Considering Andrews' latest success, many called this an upseet. Varga would probably disagree.

Tremor defeated the newcomer Ethan Daniels. This was Daniels' very first match ever, but you wouldn't know that if I hadn't told you. He looked tremendous in his first outing, and can only go up from here.
Victor Andrews arrives in Nashville!
Dwayne Allen turned back the challenge of RJ Morgan. Allen continues his climb in the rankings and looks to be positioning himself for some major opportunities.

"The Bad Seed" Eric Ellis retained his "Over the EDGE" title over the skilled Rex Sterling. When you talk about the cream of the crop in EDGE Wrestling, in my opinion there aren't a lot of guys who can tell a story or move in the ring like Sterling. He's truly gifted as an athlete, and knows the psychological part of wrestling as good as anyone in INDY wrestling today. Ellis' reign as Over the EDGE champion continues.

A tremendous night of action was over-shadowed by the incident involving Bridget Leigh and Austin Shadowz. Time will tell how this all plays out, and we'll be right here to report it to you. For the Allen ReACTION, I'm Joe Allen.


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