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Monday, April 10, 2017

EDGE Wrestling presents...Rex Sterling vs. Orlando Christopher

Yours truly gets the privilege of calling this match at the POPS Memorial Rumble on March 25th. Be sure to follow EDGE Wrestling on Facebook to view video links, event photos, and much more!!

Edge Wrestling presents...
Rex Sterling vs. Orlando Christopher
POPS Memorial Rumble 3/25/2017
National Guard Armory
Nashville, NC

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

"The Voice" the internet!


This Thursday night at 11:00pm eastern time, my good friend Barry Bull will join me once again on internet radio! Barry and I shared our high school years together. I met him as a sophomore at Lakeside High School in Evans, Georgia in 1989. He was an NWA guy. I was a WWF guy. His favorite was the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair. My favorite was the "Hulkster", Hulk Hogan. We went back and forth hundreds of times on which was greater, but at the end of the day, Barry and I built a bond of friendship which continues today...some 27+ years later!

We invite you to join us LIVE this Thursday, or listen to the archive on Friday! I'll be sharing a link to each show every week on my social media platforms, so don't feel like you have to listen LIVE. People, even wrestling fans, gotta work. I get it. lol. The goal obviously is to have a great time, and get as many listeners as we can, but not necessarily LIVE listeners. When Barry and I were in the planning stages for the show, we agreed that 11pm was late for those on the East Coast of the United States, however, with both of us responsible for families, 11pm on a Thursday night seemed to be the best time where both of us could set aside 30 minutes and do something we both sincerely love to do...entertain and inform.

This Thursday, on Blog Talk Radio. Barry will join me regularly for a weekly broadcast for the first time in over two years. It will certainly be something special. Please join us! We'll be discussing of course, the upcoming WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony this Friday, and I'll be providing my exclusive WrestleMania predictions. We'll also talk about my return to the ring this past Saturday night in Nashville, North Carolina as the newly signed Ring Announcer for EDGE Wrestling, as well as the potential for an EDGE event for the ages coming up April 29th!

All this an more...this Thursday night at 11pm eastern time, LIVE on Blog Talk Radio. It's the return of The JOE ALLEN Show!! Don't miss it!

For The Allen ReAction, I'm Joe Allen.

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April 29, 2017
National Guard Armory
Nashville, NC


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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Exclusive Results of EDGE Wrestling's POPS Memorial Rumble!

It was a long time coming...and now it's over. This past Saturday night at the National Guard Armory in Nashville, North Carolina, EDGE Wrestling and CEO Link Alexander made history. Good history that is. The late Chad Williams, who gave EDGE Wrestling its name and known by fans as "POPS", would have been extremely proud of the happenings of this weekend's events. The fans showed up and packed the armory in Nashville...a venue in which Williams frequented often, along side of his son Kyndel. "He loved wrestling", Kyndel proclaimed proudly this Saturday. "He loved to watch me wrestle."

The front office and executive leadership at EDGE Wrestling were determined to make this event special, and they certainly didn't disappoint. Eight matches were on the line-up, including the POPS Memorial Rumble, a match in which the winner would receive a crack at the EDGE Heavyweight Championship in the Main Event!

Dwayne Allen ready for a fight!
Prior to getting the event started, EDGE CEO Link Alexander welcomed  yours truly as EDGE's new official Ring Announcer. I'm very honored to be a Ring Announcer. It's what I love to do, and I'm very thankful to Link for the opportunity to sign with EDGE. It's going to be a great ride.

Next up, we got things kicked off with a bang, as Pops' nephew Brandon Williams played the national anthem with his electric guitar. I've never heard anything like it. The absolutely perfect way to get everything started and he nailed it! From there, the action began. Here are the official match results from the POPS Memorial Rumble show...

Exclusive Results:
  • Jordan Flyght defeated Robyn Golphin to become the official #1 contender of the "Over the Edge" Championship. 
  • Rex Sterling turned back the challenge of Orlando Christopher.
  • The Reigning "Over the Edge" Champion, the "Bad Seed" Erik Ellis defeated J-Swagg. Ellis will now have to face Jordan Flyght somewhere down the line, in what could be a match of the year candidate.
  • The Hounds of Hades (Jackson and Austin Shadowz) captured the vacant EDGE Tag Team Titles, defeating The Royal Round Table, consisting of Raymond King and P.L. Prince.
  • Intermission
  • Kyndel Williams got some much needed help in the form of Sean Cruise, as the duo defeated Dwayne Allen and Firelord Draconis. After the match, Allen refused to shake Kyndel's hand, but fans could tell there was a lot of respect between the two.
  • "The Beau Show" Beau Crockett, accompanied to the ring by "Money" Mike Fortune, defeated former EDGE Heavyweight Champion Brandon Day, however, it took outside interference from Fortune's henchman Vinnie DaMoochie, to get the job done.
  • The POPS Memorial Rumble was next. A total of 25 EDGE Superstars entered the Rumble, including #1 entrant Kyndel Williams. As the emotion behind the Rumble itself, Williams fought as valiantly as anyone, to the point where he was among the final two remaining. But in the end, entrant #30: "The Unpredictable One" Damien Wayne was just too much for Kyndel to overcome. As a result, Wayne received an opportunity to compete in the evening's main event for the EDGE Heavyweight Championship.
  • In the Main Event, the EDGE Heavyweight Champion Scotty Mathews seemed to have a decided "edge" against the challenger. Damien had just competed for several minutes already in the Rumble. Mathews was fresh. But Wayne did an unthinkable act in order to even the playing field, by joining forces with "Money" Mike Fortune and turning his back on the fans. By the end of this one, it was basically 5 on 1, as Fortune's entire clan had made their way to ringside. The odds were stacked against Scotty, and Damien Wayne left Nashville as the new EDGE Heavyweight Champion.
What an evening it was! It had all the ingredients to make history. An opportunity to honor someone loved by the masses...a great locker room of competitors, both veteran and young stars...and an insanely exciting crowd of wrestling fans. That's what made this night special. It wasn't one person that made it happen. It was the collective efforts of everyone. From the DJ, to the wrestlers, to the was an incredible night of wrestling.

"The Unpredictable One" Damien Wayne wins EDGE Heavyweight Title!

Fans...don't miss EDGE's next event...coming to you LIVE from the armory in Nashville. Same place, different date. April 29th. Mark it on your calendar. What will "The Unpredictable One" Damien Wayne do next? What will happen with the new alliance of Kyndel Williams and Sean Cruise, now being billed as "Cruise Kyntrol"? Can Erik Ellis hang on to the "Over the Edge" Championship with Jordan Flyght breathing down his neck? Can the Hounds of Hades prove that beating the Royal Round Table was just the first step in a long reign of destruction in EDGE?

You're only going to find out the answers to these and many other questions if you join us on April 29th in Nashville. For the Allen ReAction, I'm Joe Allen, and this has been an exclusive report on the results of EDGE Wrestling's POPS Memorial Rumble. We'll see you on April 29th!

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April 29, 2017
National Guard Armory
Nashville, NC


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