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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

"The Voice" the internet!

This Thursday night at 11:00pm eastern time, my good friend Barry Bull will join me once again on internet radio! Barry and I shared our high school years together. I met him as a sophomore at Lakeside High School in Evans, Georgia in 1989. He was an NWA guy. I was a WWF guy. His favorite was the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair. My favorite was the "Hulkster", Hulk Hogan. We went back and forth hundreds of times on which was greater, but at the end of the day, Barry and I built a bond of friendship which continues today...some 27+ years later!

We invite you to join us LIVE this Thursday, or listen to the archive on Friday! I'll be sharing a link to each show every week on my social media platforms, so don't feel like you have to listen LIVE. People, even wrestling fans, gotta work. I get it. lol. The goal obviously is to have a great time, and get as many listeners as we can, but not necessarily LIVE listeners. When Barry and I were in the planning stages for the show, we agreed that 11pm was late for those on the East Coast of the United States, however, with both of us responsible for families, 11pm on a Thursday night seemed to be the best time where both of us could set aside 30 minutes and do something we both sincerely love to do...entertain and inform.

This Thursday, on Blog Talk Radio. Barry will join me regularly for a weekly broadcast for the first time in over two years. It will certainly be something special. Please join us! We'll be discussing of course, the upcoming WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony this Friday, and I'll be providing my exclusive WrestleMania predictions. We'll also talk about my return to the ring this past Saturday night in Nashville, North Carolina as the newly signed Ring Announcer for EDGE Wrestling, as well as the potential for an EDGE event for the ages coming up April 29th!

All this an more...this Thursday night at 11pm eastern time, LIVE on Blog Talk Radio. It's the return of The JOE ALLEN Show!! Don't miss it!

For The Allen ReAction, I'm Joe Allen.

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