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Sunday, February 9, 2014

My ReAction...Top 5 Headlines - Week Ending 2/8/2014

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  • There is talk within WWE of doing a triple threat with The Shield at WrestleMania XXX, which would be Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns.  The match will likely happen unless they decide to add Daniel Bryan to the Batista vs. Randy Orton match for the WWE World Heavyweight Title.  Officials don't want two triple threat matches on the same show.
The Allen ReAction:  I personally think WWE should ride The Shield wave of popularity a bit longer.  Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns are magnificent as a group, and very "over" with the fans.  There is much that can still be done with these classic heels, and many feuds that can be taken advantage of.  However, it seems eminent that the WWE will split the faction, resulting in a push for each member into singles action, although there is the possibility that two of the three will remain together as a tag team.

The thought of a Triple Threat Match at WrestleMania indicates a three-way split and that the group will be completely disbanded, although that's not a lock.  The WWE could use an experienced "team" like Rollins and Ambrose to hold the Tag Team Titles after the rumored break-ups of not only The Shield, but also Cody Rhodes & Goldust, as well as the The New Age Outlaws potentially not hanging around long after WrestleMania.  With that being said, if you're going to break up The Shield, I love the idea of a Triple Threat Match for the United States Championship at WrestleMania.  I will be interesting if the match happens, if all three members will enter the ring separately through the crowd.
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  • Daniel Bryan has been added to the March 8th WWE LIVE event in Madison Square Garden.  He was pulled from the LIVE event in Salt Lake City that night.  Bryan is now receiving top billing above Batista and John Cena for the MSG event.  The show is built around Bryan as the top star with the tag line, "Yes! Yes! Yes!  Daniel Bryan is coming to the Garden!"
The Allen ReAction:  I don't get it.  I admit it.  I don't understand why Daniel Bryan is receiving the push "from the fans" like he is.  But like my Pastor said to me once:  "You don't have to understand everything."

It's apparent that the WWE has listened to the fans on this one and is about to push Bryan to the top of the company.  The reaction from the fans on the night of and following The Royal Rumble was loud and to the point.  They wanted Daniel Bryan and didn't get him.  And they weren't happy about it.

I completely understand that Bryan is being billed above Batista.  The Animal hasn't lifted a finger to do anything in WWE in the last twelve months, and thus I believe the fans recognize he hasn't "earned" his current status of Royal Rumble winner and WrestleMania main-eventer.  So it's easy to put Bryan over Batista because it makes sense.  However, billing Bryan over the likes of John Cena is quite another story.  Cena, like him or not, has carried the company for years.  He's not the greatest wrestler, but his physical look, his passion for kids, his reputation with Make-A-Wish, his "Never Give Up" tag line have been cornerstones for Cena during his run at the top of the WWE, which now spans almost 8 years.  Only time will tell where the WWE goes with Cena and Bryan.  I can tell you this however...I would buy a ticket to see a fan favorite Daniel Bryan vs. a heel John Cena.  Probably will never happen, but I think fans would go nuts over it.  Just sayin'.
  • WWE officials have began to de-emphasize CM Punk internally and they have the impression that he's not coming back anytime soon.
The Allen ReAction:  I don't really care to comment on C.M. Punk more than I have already.  If you'd like to read my "ReAction" to anything Punk related, see the article I wrote and posted here on "The Allen ReAction" earlier this month....Best in the World?
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  • The Undertaker is scheduled to return to WWE TV at the February 24th RAW in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Their report mentions the return has just been locked in within the past 48 hours.  WWE is calling for his return to help kickoff the WWE Network launch and to start his story line headed into this year's WrestleMania XXX.
The Allen ReAction:  I have never been a huge Undertaker fan.  However, I am a fan of the drama that his character and his "streak" brings to WWE TV.  You'd have to be numb to all things exciting to ignore the annual anticipation of who in fact will be the Taker's opponent at WrestleMania to challenge The Streak.  

The beginning of this year's installment of Streak-related drama will take place on the February 24th edition of Monday Night RAW, which also happens to be the night WWE will launch the highly anticipated WWE Network.  I'm looking forward to Undertaker's return, as it will breath more life into what is already going to be the biggest night of the wrestling calendar: WrestleMania.  One little prediction regarding the return of Undertaker:  If WWE reveals on the night of his return, that Paul Bearer will be inducted into the 2014 Hall of Fame, expect the roof of the Resch Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin (in the words of the late Gorilla Monsoon) "to come unglued".

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  • WWE officials are still reconsidering certain matches on the WrestleMania XXX card but word is that they will be gauging crowd reactions and business over the next few weeks before making any major final decisions.
The Allen ReAction:  Gone are the days when wrestling promotions work diligently to put together matches for major Pay Per Views like WrestleMania, in which the feud has been going on for months.  It seems that creative teams think that they cannot keep wrestling fans entertained for much longer than a month or two with the same storyline.  I remember Hogan vs. Andre at WrestleMania 3.  The reason that match was so over with fans was not the athletic ability of Andre or Hogan.  It was the build-up.  The match was built up perfectly.  Hogan had become as "close as a brother" to Andre over the previous couple of "years", not months.  So when the two came to a head at 'Mania, it made sense that it would be the Main Event.

Today, Batista, a guy who hasn't been in a WWE ring lifting a finger to contribute anything to the fans or the business in over four years, is suddenly headlining the Main Event of the biggest spectacle in the world.  And what's the build up going to be?  His association with Randy Orton as a part of Evolution?  C'mon.  Give me a break!  That's the Main Event for WrestleMania 30?  In the words of The Miz....Really?  Really?  Really?  And what's more...the WWE has only two months to build this into a climactic match.  Hey Vince!  Not happening!!  The WWE Universe respects hard work and "earning" your shot.  If they don't realize this at WWE creative before WrestleMania, there's going to be some highly disappointed fans in the final match of the greatest professional wrestling extravaganza of all-time.

And that' ReAction!

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