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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

CM Punk "No Show", New WWE Tag Team Champions, The Ross Report

Hi Fans!

Welcome to The Allen ReAction.  I'm privileged to have you reading The Allen ReAction, and hopefully you will enjoy this edition of my new blog.

It's been a while since I've written, but it's time to get back to it.  I have a difficult time writing when I'm not inspired to write.  I don't really do well at writing on cue.  I am passionate about writing.  I'm passionate about pro wrestling.  But I've got to be inspired to write.  And when you have an awesome wife and four awesome kids, and a great church family, it keeps you kind of busy.  But it's a "good" busy though.  I am truly enjoying life these days.

We're on the "Road to WrestleMania".  

I have to admit that even as an anti-fan of CM Punk, hearing his music hit to kick off Monday Night RAW was awesome!  Punk obviously has a huge fan following, especially in Chicago, and the fans Monday night reminded Vince McMahon and the rest of the WWE that they have a voice...repeatedly chanting "CM Punk".  RAW was another good one this week.  I even got to see Dolph Ziggler win, albeit with a little assist from special Guest Host, Aaron Paul.  It was a good sign that WWE put Ziggler into that spotlight with Paul, and on top of it for Dolph to take the win over Alberto Del Rio was a great thing.

We have brand New WWE World Tag Team Champions.  They are Jimmy and Jey USO.  Congrats to the new champs, but I have to say I'm a little surprised that it happened Monday night.  I was really expecting them to win the titles at WrestleMania, but creative obviously had a different plan.  One comment on the match:  I don't think the legal USO pinned Billy Gunn.  As Jimmy was flying through the air and out of the ring to hit the Road Dogg, he reached out with his right hand to tag Jey.  Jey then also reached out to make the tag.  However, if you look at the match closely, they never tagged.  Their hands never connected.  And as a result, the wrong USO finished the match, and technically should not have been allowed to cover Gunn.  It's a technicality, but one worth noting.  Congrats again to the USO's on becoming the new World Tag Team Champions!

Paul Bearer was announced as the next inductee to the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2014.  I'm looking forward to the Hall of Fame this year, as it will be my first Hall of Fame that I've attended LIVE.  The late Paul Bearer added tremendously to the early years of The Undertaker's character.  He really was a perfect fit.  The HOF is a deserving honor for Bearer, and it will be interesting to learn who the inductor will be.

Daniel Bryan continued building toward a possible showdown with Triple H at WrestleMania.  However, I still think that with or without that match, that Bryan will be the final wrestler on the big screen at the end of the night on April 6th in New Orleans.  The popularity of Daniel Bryan is off the hook and look for WWE to capitalize on what could be a major swing in merchandise sales from John Cena to Daniel Bryan.

Speaking of Cena, he was visibly in pain Monday night, suffering from a groin pull he suffered the previous week on RAW at the hands of The Wyatt Family.  Cena vs. Wyatt will be a good match for WrestleMania in which just about everybody wins.  Bray's fans win because he faces a quality opponent at the biggest event of the year.  Most John Cena fans win because Cena is facing a credible up and coming superstar in a high profile match.  And those who can't stand Cena win because as of right now, John isn't really in the WWE Championship picture, as he has been since WrestleMania 21 where he defeated JBL to win his first WWE Championship.

NXT Arrival was very, very good.

Adrian Neville won the NXT Championship from Bo Dallas, Paige retained the NXT Women's Title, but the match that stole the show was the opener: Cesaro vs. Sami Zayn.  Sami Zayn is very good.  Zayn had his knee busted up when Cesaro repeatedly rammed his leg into the corner post.  For the rest of the match, Zayn favored his knee.  That's a lost art in today's wrestling and it was good to see a young guy telling that story that well.

The Ross Report is a Hit!

I've always been a big fan of Jim Ross.  A commentator myself, I can appreciate the intricate details of calling the action.  Jim Ross was one of the best ever on the microphone.  Nobody ever drew out the emotions of a match like Ross did.  I can still hear him from WrestleMania 14..."Stone Cold!! Stone Cold!! Stone Cold!!"..."The Austin Era...has begun!!"

Jim Ross' new podcast: The Ross Report, is very entertaining and informative.  This week he had Steve Austin on as his guest.  It was a very insightful episode and I was sold on it.  I followed the poscast on iTunes and look forward to each episode each week.  If you love wrestling, take a listen to The Ross Report on Podcast One every Wednesday.

Austin and Ross work well together and it made for a very good show, as the two talked nostalgia, current events, The Shield, Cesaro, and an interesting bit on Ring of Honor and their T.V. set up.  Also, you'll never guess what's in Steve Austin's safe?  He tells all on this episode.  Take a listen and enjoy a very good Ross Report!

Ladies and gentlemen, thanks for allowing me to come onto your computer screen once again.  Be sure and follow me at,, as well as right here on The Allen Reaction on Blogger!  So long everybody!  See you at ringside!!!

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